Stories of Good Living.

Behind every piece of land or building is the stories of not just those that once inhabited it or now reside in it, but also of those that will take charge of it in the future. Because we don’t just build properties – we build people.

The Aristo @ Amber

Conservation is the act of protecting heritage sites so they can persist for posterity. They include practices and policies that range from identifying locations and structures that are worthy of preservation.

The specific criteria include a symbol of historical significance and national importance relating to culture, history, tradition and art.

Citrine Foodland @ 33 Kim Chuan:
Building of the Future

In response to the real estate conundrums highlighted during the 2020 World Economic Forum, GoodLand Group identified project challenges and ambiguities that have slowed innovation in the industry despite the emergence of industrialised construction. 

To amplify the business performance of their clients, they have addressed city planning, accessibility, affordability and inclusiveness of both buildings and urban spaces as part of the real estate future in Singapore.