The Aristo @ Amber

Where Past Meets the Future in an Exclusive Rendezvous

Bridging Past & Future

A people without knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots

Marcus Garvey

It is important to move forward and look towards the future, but, as Marcus Garvey said, we would lose our roots if we forget our past.

The above quote resonates with our philosophy and we believe it wholeheartedly. With our renowned venture The Aristo @ Amber, we have proved that it is possible to bridge the gap between the past and the future, if we try hard enough. Yes, we can and should move forward, but not by compromising our country’s rich history in the process.

At AG Capital Pte Ltd, we have always strived to develop projects through sustainable practices and The Aristo @ Amber is one of our many prestigious projects founded on responsible property development.

The Aristo @ Amber is built on the historical site of the famed ‘Butterfly House’. But we not only found a way to preserve the heritage of the Victorian styled bungalow designed by Regent A. J. Bidwell in 1912, but we have incorporated it into our design and development in a way that adds to the glory and magnificence of The Aristo @ Amber.

Haute & Heritage

Aptly named as The Aristo @ Amber, the building is a manifestation of aristocracy, glamour, and it exudes luxury and old-world charm. Located strategically at Amber Road, The Aristo @ Amber is a spectacle with an eye-catching landscape.

The unique design of The Aristo @ Amber that we created by incorporating the Butterfly House into the property makes it all the more exclusive and one of the most conspicuous properties on Amber Road. Lavishly designed and built, it is more than a home, it is a lifestyle. The architectural brilliance of the past and future were aesthetically combined to create this freehold, 18-storey masterpiece.

Class & Comforts

The entrance to The Aristo @ Amber radiates the class and elegance of the Victorian era, but the property doesn’t compromise on the latest, advanced, and state-of-the-art amenities. Some of the facilities of The Aristo @ Amber are as follows:

  • 56 units sprawled across 17 floors with one, two, and three bedrooms of 600-1900 sq ft.
  • Jacuzzi, lap pool, private pool, reflective pool, and wading pool
  • Kids play area
  • Fitness corner, Gym, and Yoga deck
  • BBQ area, seating area, and lift lobby