A Name You Can Trust

Goodland is a publicly-listed property developer in Singapore with multiple award-winning projects to its name. The company holds a diverse portfolio of investment properties and land banks in Singapore, as well as in Malaysia (Ipoh and Penang), and Cambodia (Siem Reap).

Goodland seeks to develop properties of superior quality that contribute to the net zero emission. The group’s success is attributed to keen foresight in property market trends, selection of prized land in highly sought-after locations, and vast experience in development projects.

Goodland currently has 26 subsidiaries and 6 associate companies. As part of its expansion plan, the group adopts a holistic approach, leveraging on decades of expertise while forming strategic alliances with business partners. With these diversification efforts, we seek to enhance Goodland’s portfolio as a leading developer, both locally and globally.

Trust that Grows

Goodland seeks to constantly protect long-term shareholder value and enhance the returns for long-term growth. We aim to achieve this through diversification into new businesses, that are complementary to Goodland’s core trade, in addition to expanding our existing businesses with good prospects. 

We are keen on expanding the capabilities of the group beyond the shores of Singapore. To this end, we are working in close alliance with regional business partners to acquire development properties in prime locations throughout Malaysia and Cambodia. This has placed many exciting projects in the pipeline for these exotic countries.

Goodland is highly committed to sustainability and strives for continuous improvements in environmental, social, and governance factors to safeguard the interests of all its stakeholders.

The group is dedicated to upholding integrity and honesty in all its operations and thus endeavors to continuously enhance and improve our system of internal controls and risk management policies.

Growth that includes community

Goodland actively contributes towards supporting the communities within which we operate. We keenly embrace community events and have contributed to the committee development and welfare fund that benefits the Punggol East residents. In 2019, we also participated in several Ren Ci Hospital fundraisers to provide affordable medical, nursing, and rehabilitative care services for the elderly.

Our vision is to build fine spaces where you can raise families, pursue dreams, and invest in your future. Celebrate good living with Goodland.

Our Subsidiaries & Associates

With over 30 subsidiaries & associates spread across 3 of Southeast Asia’s most vibrant economies, we have an ever growing presence across the region.

Cambodia  (2 Subsidiaries)
  1. GLG (Cambodia) Investments Pte Ltd
  2. R.G.L Equity (Siem Reap) Co. Ltd
Malaysia  (4 Subsidiaries)
  1. Banyan Housing Development Sdn Bhd
  2. GLG GLOBAL Sdn. Bhd.
  3. Goodland Group Construction Sdn Bhd
  4. T City (Ipoh) Sdn Bhd
Singapore  (26 Subsidiaries)
  1. Goodland Development Pte Ltd
  2. Goodland Investments Pte Ltd
  3. Goodland Group Construction Pte Ltd
  4. Goodland Capital Pte Ltd
  5. Goodland Homes Pte Ltd
  6. Goodland Assets Pte Ltd
  7. Goodland Harvest Pte Ltd
  8. Goodland Global Pte Ltd
  9. Goodland Ventures Pte Ltd
  10. Goodland Glory Pte Ltd
  11. Goodland Citrine Pte Ltd
  12. Goodland Da-Qiao Pte Ltd
  13. GPM Builders Pte Ltd
  14. GLG International Investments Pte Ltd
  15. GLG Properties Pte Ltd
  16. GLG Capital Pte Ltd
  17. GLG Homes Pte Ltd
  18. GLSL (1) Pte Ltd
  19. Citrine Asia Capital Pte Ltd
  20. Citrine Assets Pte Ltd
  21. Citrine Plasterceil Pte Ltd
  22. Goodland Sunny Pte Ltd
  23. AG Capital Pte Ltd
  24. SL Capital (1) Pte Ltd
  25. SL Capital (5) Pte Ltd
  26. SL Capital (3) Pte Ltd