Goodland. Good Living.

Goodland Group is a premier lifestyle property developer in Singapore with a diverse portfolio of residential, industrial and commercial projects. We seek to build spaces for everyone to live, work, and play, while savouring life’s finest moments. 

Building Dreams

We understand that Buildings are not just made of four walls and a roof. They are made of dreams, aspirations, and hopes of a better future. This is why we take great care in designing and developing all our properties. We are committed to quality and towards fulfilling your wishes of a sustainable property.

...While Preserving Our History

Building on the foundations of a Victorian bungalow, The Aristo is an example of Goodland’s commitment to preserving the Singapore’s rich historical heritage whilst maintaining its vision of futuristic and cutting-edge housing.

Discover more of Goodland’s projects to witness the future of historical preservation at work.

...and looking towards the future

The world is changing at a rapid pace. We can either keep up or give up. Understanding these shifting dynamics of the new era, we conceptualized and built Citrine Foodland. A futuristic food factory to meet the business needs of Singapore’s F&B operators.